Just In Time

Writer | Director | Short Film


Justin lives a comfortable life with Camille, a loving and compassionate Puerto Rican woman. He is engaged to Mia, a smart and beautiful Latina. Everything is perfect until Justin receives a letter from Brandi, his birth mother. Something is wrong, so he sets out to find his birth parents. On his journey, Justin is given a glimpse at the inner demons that have been ruling his life, and what could destroy his future. Emotions run high as Justin's strength is tested, and he ultimately has to choose the best life path to take.

w/ Margaret Ladd “Falcon Crest,” Norma Maldonado “Breaking Bad”

  • Winner – 57 International Film Festival Awards
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • Golden Gate International Film Festival
  • The Oaks International Film Festival
  • Palm Beach International Mini Movie & Film Festival
  • San Antonio Film Festival
  • Black Hills Film Festival
  • ZShorts International Film Festival (Scotland, UK)
  • Coronado Island Film Festival
  • Marina Del Rey Film Festival
  • Southern States Indie FanFilmFest
  • Southeast Regional Film Festival