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Murphy O’Shea, an Iraq Veteran, has a hard time re-adjusting to society upon his return from a long tour. His world crumbles when he discovers his father, Bill, a Vietnam Veteran, is dying. “Trooper” is the story of a father and son, two veterans from two very different Wars, helping each other to get through each day, and heal the wounds of War.

w/ Christopher Martini, Gary Swanson “The Bone Collector,” Max Martini “Captain Phillips,” Robert Walden “All the President’s Men” (Emmy Award Nominee), Kevin Mambo “Cadillac Records” (2 time Emmy Award Winner), Jerry Della Salla “The Green Zone”

Music by Hershel Yatovitz (of Chris Isaak), featuring songs by Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

Distributed by AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service), TUGG

On archive at the Library of Congress – Washington, DC

  • Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes - San Antonio, TX
  • Lackland Air Force Base - San Antonio, TX
  • Diversity Film Festival – Tacoma, WA
  • Garden State Film Festival – Asbury Park, NJ
  • Gulf War Veterans Reunion – Dallas, TX
  • Philadelphia Independent Film Festival – Philadelphia, PA
  • Planet Hollywood – Times Square, NYC
  • John Jay College Veterans Group – NYC
  • 101st Airborne “Snowbird” Reunion – Orland, FL
  • NYU Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association – NYC
  • The Cell – NYC
  • Military Writer’s Society of America – Orlando, FL
  • The Actor’s Studio – NYC

Winner, Christopher Martini – Renaissance Man Award – 2010 Garden State Film Festival

Selected Press

“A beautiful, heart-wrenching film that offers far more than empathy. It dares viewers to explore a disturbing corner of the Iraq War, a realm that no film has yet to touch: the blight of depleted uranium poisoning, which has infected thousands of Iraq veterans but is yet to be acknowledged by the Pentagon and is virtually unknown to the American public.” – The Huffington Post – by Joshua Kors

“This movie is neither for the war or against it. It is 100% for the troops.” – Christopher Neff, Former Lance Corporal, USMC, Infantry OIF 2003-2005

“I was blown away by Chris Martini’s “Trooper.” It stirred a myriad of emotions in me that, as a veteran, I haven’t felt before. It’s a powerful yet sensitive film that hits its mark like a freight train, then provocatively presses further on points about veterans easily overlooked. Viewers will identify with this story; it bridges the gap between two generations of military service. Every veteran — no — every American, should see this film.” – LTC Raymond (Ray) Morris U.S. Army Special Forces (ret)